4 Things to do After Being Charged with DUI

Driving under the Influence is a crime in Stafford, like it is throughout Virginia. Nonetheless, people drink and drive. Sometimes they shouldn’t get behind the wheel due to their intoxication levels, but sometimes they’ve truly had only a drink or two. In either situation, if you are stopped while driving a vehicle, you’ll likely be arrested and charged with DUI. If you are arrested and charged with this crime, do not take the situation lightly. This is a serious crime with many attributes that can last for some time. Complete these four steps if you are charged with DUI to help minimize the change and the consequences of being found guilty of the crime.

1- Call an Attorney

You need a dui attorney Stafford VA who can help you plan a defense, review evidence, and ensure that you get a fair shot in court. So often, people charged with DUI do not get a fair shot in court.

2- Remain Silent

It is your right to remain silent and you should use that right if you are charged with DUI. Anything that you say can be used against you in court, so it is best if you remain mum.

3- Don’t Panic

Yes, it is a serious offense to be charged with DUI; it can change your life and cause people to look at you differently. But, you shouldn’t panic because that only causes things to worsen. Instead, look at your options and begin fighting the charge.

4- Don’t Refuse a BAC Test

In Virginia, refusal to take the breathalyzer, or Blood Alcohol Content test, is automatic grounds to charge you with the crime of DUI. It looks bad when you go to court when you refuse the test and could be the sole factor in a DUI conviction. That is the last thing that you want.